Hello, my name is

Sagar Eknath Bangade

And I'm a


I'm a passionate individual dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation.


Full Stack Java Developer.

My commitment to clean code and effective problem-solving sets me apart in the field of software development.

I believe that every challenge is an opportunity for growth, and I'm dedicated to delivering solutions that exceed expectations.


Here are some of the skills I've developed and mastered during my journey in the world of technology and software development.

Programming Languages:
Java 90%
Python 85%
C/C++ 80%
PHP 75%
Go 75%
Hibernate 85%
Bootstrap 80%
MySQL 90%
MongoDB 80%
Database Query Language:
SQL 85%
MQL 75%
AI and ML Technologies:
Machine Learning 80%
Computer Vision 75%
Deep Learning 70%


Aspiring software developer with a strong foundation in web development and a passion for solving complex problems. Seeking a position in a dynamic tech company where I can apply my coding skills, contribute to innovative projects, and continue to learn and grow as a developer.

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor of Technology in Artificial Intelligence

Dec. 2021 - Present

G. H. Raisoni Institute of Engineering and Technology, Nagpur, India

Diploma in Computer Engineering

Aug. 2019 - Dec. 2021

Nagpur Institute of Technology Polytechnic, Nagpur, India


Industrial Java Training

Feb. 2022 - Aug. 2022

Asterisc Computer Institute, Nagpur, India

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Diploma in Network Administration

Dec. 2020 - Jan. 2022

Jetking , Nagpur, India

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Full Stack Java Developer Intern

Oct 2022 - Present

Asterisc Technocrat Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur, India

  • Proficiently handled full-stack development with Java technologies, contributing to the design and creation of scalable, responsive web applications using Spring Boot.
  • Managed MySQL databases with Hibernate for enhanced performance and efficiency.
  • Utilized GitHub for collaborative development and version control.
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Android Developer Intern

August 2022 - September 2022


  • Google Supported Virtual Internship Program on "Android Basics in Kotlin"
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Here are some of my notable projects showcasing my technical skills and problem-solving abilities.

Virtual Doctor
Date: Sep. 2023 – Present
Technology: Python, PHP, Machine learning, Natural language Processing

Currently under development, the "AI-Assisted Telemedicine KIOSK for Rural India"

IntelliCrack: Progressive Wall Integrity Solution
Date: Aug. 2023 – Present
Technology: Python, PHP, Machine learning, Computer vision & Deep learning

Currently working on an innovative Crack Detection and Analysis System,

Medicine SEO
Date: 2022 – May. 2022
Technology: JSP, Servlet, Java, MySQL, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap Mar.

Developed a web application that connects users with nearby medical stores,"

Virtual Assistant
Date: Aug 2022 - Oct 2022
Technology: Python, Natural language Processing

Python-based Virtual Assistant equipped with Natural Language Processing (NLP)



Here are the services I offer based on my skills and expertise.

Web Application Development

Design and development of responsive web applications using Java, Python, and PHP.

Database Management

Efficiently manage and optimize databases using SQL, MySQL, and MongoDB.

Machine Learning Solutions

Develop machine learning models for data analysis and automation in various domains.

Computer Vision Applications

Create computer vision applications for image and video analysis using deep learning.

Full Stack Development

Build end-to-end web applications with expertise in both front-end and back-end development.

Custom Software Solutions

Tailor-made software solutions to address specific business needs and challenges.